Carol Halliday – Events Galore

Events Galore - Carol - 13.8.16 to me, Leonard OMG….. Lisa they are AMAZING….. This is surely going to give you more business. They are AWESOME, although you should not have stayed up until midnight,…. Unless the saying applies to you… “If you love the work you do, you will never work a day in the rest of your life” THANK YOU

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Warren Horner -Events Galore

Hi Lisa,   It’s our pleasure, thank you for being there for us and the excellent work you do! Glad I found you on the net that day.  Warren Horner   

Warren Horner -Events Galore2018-08-16T15:47:58+02:00

Warren Horner

Only a pleasure!!! Thanks for the pics they are really fantastic!!! You did a brilliant job, thank you! Will chat soon RE a quote for other events when they come in.  

Warren Horner2018-08-16T15:50:06+02:00

Rick Rouse –

This is just a short note to let you know that your wonderful article on photographing children has been featured on Great work! Rick Rouse

Rick Rouse – www.TodaysPhoto.org2018-08-16T15:51:54+02:00

Nashette – Jawitz Sandton

Wow Lisa, This picture is absolutely stunning, thanks so much. Love Nashette The pics are all wonderful, unbelievable for me. Jo reckons that you are a true artist. Thanks so much. Will be in touch again.  

Nashette – Jawitz Sandton2018-08-16T15:53:03+02:00

Mark Austin -Family Photos

  wow Li those pics are amazing, thank you very much you are such an incredible photographer !!!

Mark Austin -Family Photos2018-08-16T15:54:29+02:00

Shameema Impey -Lyle & Scott Art Auction

  I absolutely LOVE the pictures you took! They really look great and will make for fantastic coverage in our comms and website! I will pass your contact on to the rest of the marketing girls and have recommended for them to use you to photograph their events as well  

Shameema Impey -Lyle & Scott Art Auction2018-08-16T15:57:04+02:00
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